A Partial Listing Of
Berkshire Hills' Productions and Clients
Video and Photographic services

The Hills of Jacob's Ladder Completed in 2000, winner of two marketing awards, including a TV ad offshoot, in 2002 and 2003. A 13 minute tour of the Gateway District and Route 20 (Jacob's Ladder) portraying the scenic beauty, activities and cultural happenings of this "Hilltown" area of the Southern Berkshires. The video is part of a tourism promotional project and was sponsored in part by the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority.

Dance Performances and Recitals Seasons 1999-2004. Up to three camera coverage of great dance performances presented by Dance Arts, Westfield, Massachusetts ~~ Connecticut Concert Ballet, Manchester, Connecticut ~~ New England Dance Conservatory, East Longmeadow, Massachusetts ~~ Theater Dance Studio, Holyoke, Massachusetts ~~ Dance 10, Wethersfield and East Hampton, Connecticut ~~ Artistic Dance Conservatory, East Longmeadow, Massachusetts ~~ Olga Dunn Dance Company and School, Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Photographing Tomorrow's Stars. Seasons 2003-2004. Providing on location Photographic Studio services. Photographing Dancers and Dance Groups. School and Sports photographic services also available.

Photographing The Westfield River, "Images from the East Branch." A digital photographic slide show presenting the East Branch of the Westfield River, in Western Massachusetts.

Elegant Weddings Seasons 1998-2004. Two video camera coverage of elegant weddings held at a number of locations including: Northampton Inn, Northampton, Massachusetts ~~ Yankee Pedlar Inn, Holyoke, Massachusetts ~~ The Log Cabin, Holyoke, Massachusetts ~~ Amherst Women's Club, Amherst, Massachusetts ~~ Turner Hill Mansion, Ipswich, Massachusetts ~~ The Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts ~~ Nahant Country Club, Nahant, Massachusetts ~~ Boston Harbour Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts ~~ Seven Hills Inn, Lenox, Massachusetts ~~ Chez Josef, Agawam, Massachusetts ~~ Cranwell Resort, Lenox, Massachusetts ~~ Gedney Farm, New Marlborough, Massachusetts ~~ and Elegant Garden Weddings.

Edward J. Madden Open Hearts Camp Edited footage for Edward J. Madden Open Hearts Camp, Great Barrington, Massachusetts, presenting a 10 minute overview of the activities of the camp, the campers, staff, and commitments. Assembled with live video footage as well as photographs.

Historical Sketch Interviews
Video Memories albums for the Chester, Massachusetts, Historical Society, of two long time residents relating their life growing up on the farm, and growing up in the village.

The Hilltown Community Development Corporation A 10 minute overview of the activities of the Hilltown Community Development Corporation. Assembled with live video footage as well as archived photographs. A good presentation of the HCDC's services and commitment to the communities and people it services.

1997 Westfield Wild Water Races
A 30 minute review of the Westfield River, Huntington, Massachusetts, Wild Water Races. The oldest continuous white water canoe race in the Country. An overview of the novice and advanced races, complete with action and award's ceremony. Set to music and narrated.

An Interview With Peg Salvini
A production completed for the Chester, Massachusetts, Railroad Museum. Highlighting the life of a 90 year old resident whose family and herself were intimately involved with the railroad that passed through and centered activities in the town of Chester during the heyday of railroading. Complete with historical photographs and old footage of railroad engines and operations in the area.

Jacob's Pillow Presents Jazz Club Series
1997-1998 winter series of Jazz Clubs, presented in cooperation with Jacob's Pillow Dance Theatre, Williamstown College, and the School Department of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Intended as a community outreach program involving students and professionals in the area of dance and music. Documentation of three presentations. Videotaped with three digital cameras.

That City is Holyoke
A short historical sketch of the industrial development of Holyoke, Massachusetts. From the early days, including the explicit layout of the city for industrial purposes, with canals, using the Connecticut River as a source of power, to the present modernization. Videotaped in Digital. Set to music and narrated.

Our River Runs Through It
A production portraying the activities of the Westfield River Watershed Association, Westfield, Massachusetts. Includes a review of the environmental, educational and restoration activities of the Association for the Westfield River. Also includes scenic shots along the river's course. Some video footage provided by the Association for inclusion in the final production. Set to music and narrated.

The Jacob's Ladder Business Association
A Showcase your Business Video An "expo" demo type production portraying the activities and benefits of membership of the business association. Set to music and narrated.

A Showcase your Business Video A production portraying the charm and historical setting of a country Bed and Breakfast. Complete with history, footage of grounds, area and rooms. To be used for promotional purposes. Set to music and narrated.

Mountain Laurel Designs--A Makeover at MacDuffie School
A Showcase your Business Video A promotional and informational production for an interior designer d.b.a. Mountain Laurel Designs, Huntington, Massachusetts. Their involvement in a makeover of a room in a historic estate building at MacDuffie School, Springfield, Massachusetts. Set to music and narrated. Script written by client.

The McAuslan Clan Reunion
A Video Memories Album and Family Event Video A production covering the reunion activities of the McAuslan family and relatives. Complete with day's activities, U.S. history of family roots, Scottish history and ancestry. Included: family and historical photographs from the United States and Scotland.

A History of Logging in Chesterfield
A production tracing the history of the Bisbee Family Logging operations from the 1930's. Footage provided by client from home movie film. Also included a short production on the modern sawmill operations of Berkshire Hardwoods, successor to the Bisbee Sawmill operations. Footage includes operations from unloading logs, debarking, rough sawing, sawing to size, kiln drying and shipping. Production to be shown at the Bisbee Industrial and Agricultural Museum, Chesterfield, Massachusetts and at historical gatherings.

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